Control Another Computer Over A Network In Linux

By | August 14, 2008

Ever wanted to get help from your friends or wanted to help some friend in doing some specific task, and you wished you could do that using a remote desktop connection but you don’t know how to remotely control a PC, doing so is very easy in Linux I will show you how to do that in this tutorial

We will use two programs for this purpose the first is called KRFB which allows you to create a VNC server so that others can control your computer remotely and the other one is called KRDC which is a VNC client which allows you to control someone’s computer remotely. Both KRFB and KRDC are easily found in the repositories of almost all Linux distro’s so installing them isn’t too much of a hassle

Now if you want someone to control your computer remotely start up krfb and you will get a windows similar.

There are two ways in which you can assign a remote desktop session to a person the first is that you click on New Personal Invitation and KRFB will generate a random password and assign a random port and then you can email this info to the person who needs to access your computer remotely. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of having to remember a random password and port you can assign a permanent password and port so that you don’t need to create invitations every time. To do that click on configure and you will get a dialogue box similar.

check allow uninvited connections and the password field will be now writable. Type the password you would like for this demo I am using “mushroomhead” as the password. Click OK and your done, now anyone with your can connect to your computer with any VNC client software they like as long as they have your IP address, port and the password you set.

That’s it you are done with this part now off to controlling someone else’s PC

Now if you want to control another computer remotely you can use KRDC as mentioned earlier when you open up KRDC

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To connect to a VNC server click on “Connect to a VNC Remote Desktop” and then in the address bar at the top enter the IP followed by the port of the computer you want to control remotely in the following way

On pressing enter you will prompted to select the type of connection you are doing the VNC session over.

Select the one you think is correct. Once you click OK you will be asked to enter the password of the VNC server we set this earlier as “mushroomhead”


Once you enter the correct password you will be authenticated and will be able to control the other computer remotely.

Remember: If you are behind a firewall or a router you need to forward the designated port in your firewall/router so that other people can connect to you, You can find easy to follow guides on how to forward ports on

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