Make $1500 Every Month By Reading Mails

Hi there, here is an opportunity of making $1500 per month by giving an hour every day on reading and reacting upon simple emails. Yes you have heard this right its that simple. I’m sure that the thought, “how it works” must be striking your head. After a bit of research on this I found… Read More »

How To Remove The New Tab Button In Firefox 3.5

Mozilla Released Firefox 3.5 a while ago and as always there were some UI changes and if you are like me and don’t like getting used to new stuff again and again you definitely wont like these useless changes , one such change is the addition of the new tab button which is totally useless for… Read More »

Remotely Control Your Torrents On Linux

You have a spare PC lying around or you travel a lot and want to monitor your Bitorrent downloads. Well then what you could do is make yourself a mini seedbox, essentially what a seedbox is a spare computer that you use for torrent downloads now I am going to show you how to create… Read More »

Easily Download Youtube Videos Using Flashgot

FlashGot is one of the most popular Firefox extension which allows you to seamlessly integrate your download manager with Firefox, by adding a new option to the Firefox download window and when you select that option it adds the download link in your favorite download manager. I have been using flashgot since Firefox 1.5 and… Read More »

How To Make Firefox Use Windows Vista Theme In Windows XP

I Personally don’t like the Firefox 3 theme for Windows XP in fact the windows vista’s Firefox theme looks much better and I badly wanted to change my theme to that of vista’s but I don’t like to use third party themes with my browser as they can slow down my browser, I came across this… Read More »